Charles Spurgeon

Though this message was preached several centuries ago, it is still very relevant in our contemporary times; and even after now, If Jesus tarries in His coming back.

“This do in remembrance of me.” 1 Corinthians 11:24

It seems, then, that Christians may forget Christ. The text implies the possibility of forgetfulness concerning Him whom gratitude and affection should constrain them to remember. There could be no need for this loving exhortation if there were not a fearful supposition that our memories might prove treacherous, and our remembrance superficial in its character, or changing in its nature. Nor is this a bare supposition, it is, alas, too well confirmed in our experience, not as a possibility, but as a lamentable fact. It seems at first sight too gross a crime to lay at the door of the converted ‘believer’.

It appears almost impossible that those who have been redeemed by the blood of the dying Lamb should ever forget their Ransomer—that those who have been loved with an everlasting love by the eternal Son of God, should ever forget that Son. But if startling to the ear, it is alas, too apparent to the eye to allow us to deny the fact. Forget Him who never forgot us! Forget Him who poured His blood forth for our sins! Forget Him who loved us even to the death! Can it be possible? Yes it is not only possible; and sadly is a fault of many of us, that we often remember all other things, except Christ – His Love and His commandments to us. The object which we should make the monarch of our hearts is the very thing we are most inclined to forget.

This is an APPEAL to all Christians, to critically examine our hearts, in line with the Word of God –
Are we truly and committedly seeking FIRST the Kingdom of God, and its righteousness ?
Are we bearing the fruit(s) of a true disciple of Christ?
Are we bringing glory or shame to His holy Name and Reputation?

Often times, we allow the things that the gentiles seek to occupy our time, efforts and strength; and we neglect the needful.

Thereby, allowing some other creatures and issues steal away your hearts and we are unmindful of Him upon whom our affection ought to be set. Some earthly business engrosses your attention when you should have your eye steadily fixed upon the cross. It is the incessant round of world, world, world. The constant din of earth, earth, earth, that takes away the soul from Christ. Oh! my friends, is it sadly true that we can recollect anything but Christ and forget nothing so easy as Him whom we ought to remember? If we were purely new-born creatures, we would never forget the name of Him whom we love. If we were entirely regenerated beings, we should sit down and meditate on what our Savior did and suffered for us; all He is, all He has gloriously promised to perform, and never would our roving affections stray away from ‘occupying, till our precious Lord and Savior returns.

But do you know, dear friends, that the nearness of an object has a very great effect upon its power? The sun is many, many times larger than the moon, but the moon has a greater influence upon the tides of the ocean than the sun, simply because it is nearer, and has a greater power of attraction. So we must therefore stay glued to Jesus, His Word, and His commandments.

“This do in remembrance of me”. – We Christians have many treasures to lock up in the cabinets of memories; and meditate thereon day and night; we have many priceless treasures in the Word of God, and we ought to remember that we are: –

  • Chosen of God before time began.
  • Delivered from the power of darkness; and translated into the Kingdom of God’s dear Son.
  • Seated together with Christ, in heavenly places, far above all principalities and powers.
  • Seated together with Jesus Christ, in God.
  • And so on

Let us examine our hearts – How often do we do this in remembrance of Him, and show the Lord’s coming; because the Lord Whom we seek shall suddenly appear, and sit as a Refiner and Purifier of SILVER to purge the house of Levi, His priests, and we are His royal priesthood. So how then does the silversmith know when silver is pure? When he sees his reflection in the silver !!!
As we do this, or these in remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ as we are commanded; may we truly be a true, worthy and perfect reflection of Christ.

Charles Spurgeon was a popular Baptist minister in London in mid-Victorian times; his ministry was highly influential and had a significant effect on many families in London and further afield.

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