About 2000 years ago, a Hebrew Prophet and Rabbi accompanied by His twelve disciples and followers stormed the city of Jerusalem. This was a move that astounded the Jewish religious establishment and hierarchy. They were met by large crowds with palms fronds and branches, the whole city was roused to know that a “Prophet – Jesus of Nazareth, had come to town”. Thereafter, a string of processes ensued, that would lead to His arrest, trial and crucifixion and ultimately, resurrection and Ascension.

The week that leads to Easter Sunday is recognized throughout Christendom as the Passion Week, the most important week in the history of Apostolic Christianity. In the spirit of the season, we shall be looking at this Enigma, this Man Christ: and we shall look at Him under the Title: JESUS CHRIST, OUR MAN IN GLORY. This is also the Theme of this maiden edition of this Journal of Apostolic Christianity.

There is Good-News today for all humanity. We have a man, a real Man in glory representing us, the only Mediator between God and man, who is now seated at the Right Hand of God, also interceding for us. To have access to power on earth is a great thing; but to have access to power above the earth, in the very presence of God is the greatest. Today, I have a Friend, Lord, Master, Elder Brother sitting at the Right Hand of the God who made heaven and earth.

The very thought of it fills Satan with trepidations and stroke. I, on my part as a committed and genuine follower of Christ, am properly shielded and protected from all the attacks of all my enemies; because my enemies are also His enemies. Therefore, whoever is fighting me is doing evil to his own soul. I weep and shed tears even publicly at times when I see the havoc done by Churches and people who say they are His ministers; but who actually are antichrists, destroying and distorting His message.

There is not so much focus on the message of power today in the Church, rather undue attention is given to satan, witches, mammon and others, making us rather impoverished. Christians are now more conscious of the enemy than they are of the power of God in Christ Jesus. Today this perverse theology has done its havoc on Nigerians. We are now the most haunted people, corrupt and poor; yet the most religious. A change in theology is necessary if Nigeria will see a rebirth for the glory of God to manifest in this generation; and it begins by refocusing on Jesus Christ, Our Man in Glory. He is the Hope of Glory. So, no encounter with glory, honour and beauty is possible either here on earth or in eternity, without first of all paying homage to Him.

He is my own Hero, the Only Friend I have worthy of that name. He is my Lord and Elder Brother, because Our Father has many children and I am to be one of them; while Jesus is the Firstborn. If there is a firstborn, then there are other siblings. That He may be the FIRST among several children. That is why I fear no creature or demagogue. I only pity them. The God who made heaven and earth is my Father and the One Who sits on His Right Hand is my Elder Brother; the Mighty Holy Spirit, the Third Person, lives in me. (This is the secret of these powerful messages and proclamations). Around Them are innumerable companies of Angels, all at my service. So, you can see that my enemies, whoever they are, have committed a grievous error of judgment. Everything is against them and stacked against them. That is why they would be as nothing, those who contend with me shall come to harm’s way. Those who strive with me shall perish. It is not a curse; it is the Word of the Lord. (Isaiah 41:42)

I have passed the stages of praying against enemies. No, the very fact that you set yourself against me confirms you are a candidate for destruction. I have seen this happening over the years. I have seen almost an entire family destroyed – just because they came against me but then they failed to reckon that there is a Rock that is following me. So, the Rock fell on them and wiped them out.

Beloved people, there is terrible power in Jesus. Now I understand what John Lake meant when he said that we have not even touched the fringes of His power. One of these days, I will walk on the sea, hold a crusade on Bar beach standing on water. Then CNN, BBC and others will know that our God reigns, that the Bible is very real, and not a compilation of fairy tales or cunningly devised fables.

Power is waiting to be released to the Church but the false theology of Antichrist has already enslaved us. The intention of this discourse is to reveal the wonderful and awesome personality of this Gentleman of Galilee; and if you catch this revelation, the whole world cannot overcome you. We shall examine Him from a number of Biblical perspectives:


“But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings….” – Malachi 4:2

Let us begin with Astronomy.

A. The sun, that is our own sun, because there are many suns, is 93 million miles from the earth. If it were just a few millions farther away, we would all freeze because the earth will not be able to sustain life. Other planets cannot sustain life basically because of this. Mercury turns only one side to the sun. Venus has a dense vapour making life impossible; Mars has no water making the temperature too low for vegetation and the Moon has no atmosphere. Only the earth can sustain life because it is correctly and appropriately related to the Sun.

How great is our God! Glory to Him that lives forever and ever.

The earth has a circumference of 25000 miles and rotates on its axis once in 24 hours travelling at a speed of approximately 1000 miles per hour. The part facing the sun has day and the other part has night. The following are true about the sun:

  1. It is the Sun that determines whether it will be day or night.
  2. The earth moves around the sun, the sun does not move. To experience a change, you must encounter the Sun or you will be stationary and atrophy.
  3. The earth rotates on its axis and revolves around the sun, travelling in an orbit at the speed of 18 miles per second. It takes 365 days at this rate to make a complete circle around the sun, which gives us our lunar year.
  4. The sun determines times and seasons on the earth.

B. The moon: i.The moon is 240,000 miles from the earth. Its mass and distance affect our tides on earth. If it were closer, the whole earth would be filled with water and the mountain would be eroded. ii.The moon has no light if its own. It only reflects the light of the sun by being correctly aligned to the sun. So even the light of the moon that helps the tides of the earth is from the sun. Take note of this.

C.The earth is tilted at an angle of 23°. This is just the right measure, otherwise there would be trouble if it is higher. “Water vapour would move north and south, piling up continents of ice, leaving a desert between the equator and poles” according to the ‘jargons’ of the experts.

D. The sun is the source of life on earth. Never forget this.

  1. The heat of our sun is 12,000°. This figure and previous figures have spiritual implications which may be treated another time.
  2. The sun gives off radiation. Stars too give off radiation but not like the sun. If the sun should give off more radiation than it presently gives, we will all burn and if it gives less, we would all freeze. How could anyone reading these facts ascribe creation to chance if not due to pigheaded foolishness? Indeed, Scriptures is right: “The fool hath said in his heart that there is no God”. It takes a fool to say that with even the facts of Astronomy.

E.The gasses we breathe in are just in the required quantity for preservation of human life. Our atmosphere contains oxygen, nitrogen, argon, neon and krypton as you learned in Chemistry at ‘O’ Levels. Nitrogen is 78% while oxygen is 21%. Oxygen is the breath for all animals including humans and it is obtained through the atmosphere which is induced by the sun and the moon through the sun.

Please note: If oxygen is 50% instead of 21% all combustible materials on earth would catch fire. Any stroke of lightening would set the forest aflame. 21% is just the exact proportion needed by the earth. The blood takes the oxygen breathed in to the body and uses it as fuel to digest food and then supply nutrient to every cell very slowly at very low temperature.

[For some of the materials on Astronomy, I am indebted to Sidney Newton Bremer, The Spirit of Apollo, Kentucky, 1971; a book I recommend you to read]

Let us now examine the spiritual aspect.


  1. Remember in the above excerpts from Astronomy, we see that all lives are sustained directly or indirectly by the sun on earth. No life can exist on earth without the sun, Jesus is the Life of the world. Outside of Him there is no real life but death. He is the Sun, you either take your life from Him or you perish at the end. This is not religion, but bare facts. Ignore it at your own peril.
  2. The sun is the source of Light on the earth and our world. Wherever the sun shines is Day and where it refuses to shine is Night, Darkness. Simply put, Jesus is the Sun of Righteousness, and the Light of the world. Whoever receives Him walks in light and those who ignore Him are in darkness. This is even true historically. For example, in Nigeria, World Bank study has now named Northern Nigeria as one of the 7 dire poorest regions in the whole world. This is the result and consequence of years of destroying churches, killing Christians and hating the Name of Jesus.
  3. The earth revolves around the Sun, the sun does not revolve around any planetary or astronomical body/entity. It is the earth that needs the sun, the sun does not need the earth. Whether we believe it or not, the Truth is that no one will ever find his/her, real purpose or destiny outside Jesus Christ. In reality, we all need Jesus Christ, He does not really need you and I. The way a lot of pastors and evangelists preach the Gospel makes it look like Jesus is standing cap in hand waiting to plead with sinners to have ‘mercy’ on Him by accepting Him. WRONG. This is why our Christians and Christianity are so poor. Jesus is not on trial, you are. He is not at risk of eternal damnation or hell fire, you are. He does not need you to pass judgment on Him, He passes judgment on you. The drowning man does not pass judgment on the man on the shore, it is the man on the shore who decides whether to save the drowning man or to let him drown. It is the sinner, that is anyone who has not accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, that is in dire need of mercy, pardon, repentance and salvation from eternal damnation through faith in Jesus Christ. The sun does not revolve around the earth, it is the earth that revolves around the sun. We will do ourselves immense good if we cry out to Him for mercy and salvation especially in these strange times we are in, with so much death occurring all around through pestilences, wars and so on.
  4. Times and seasons on earth are determined by the sun. It is when the earth rotates around the sun that we have a new day, 24 hours. It is when it makes a complete circle around the sun that we have a new year.

Jesus is the Sun. Times and seasons belong to Him. You cannot fulfill your destiny, real destiny on earth outside of Him or without His blessings. Now you can win a Nobel Prize, become the President of a nation and not even know what to do with power, such as the current Buhari administration in Nigeria that is fraught with ineptness, corruption and all manner of imaginable and unimaginable evil; and still not fulfill your divine destiny.

Time and seasons are in His hands. Soon the world will know Who is who in this world, when He comes to take over the government of the nations by force of spiritual arms as it is written in the Bible. I am waiting for that day and I am one of those on earth today preparing the way for His Coming, to take over the earth and set up His Kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Then you will be left with only one of two choices – bow or bend. Then all knees will have to bow to Him “by fire and by force”. No other choice.

Now is the time to bow to Him voluntarily and with honour. The Kingdom of Christ will soon appear, then the kingdoms of these worlds will be the Kingdom of our God and His Christ. The misrule and misgovernment going on across the nations is only paving the way for that day.

This is not the way the Church has taught us about His coming. They have told you to look at the Sky to expect a “Rapture”- a word that does not even exist in the Bible and a teaching that early Christians did not know, that even Luther or Wesley did not know – something that came into the Doctrines in the 19th century.

You will soon receive a shock. “As the Lord whom you seek shall suddenly appear in His temple” through means that is still unknown to many bishops, General Overseers and men of big robes. Soon, very soon, sooner than you think we shall see Him, right here on earth to Take Over. This is the Message of the Kingdom.

Jesus is the Sun. Has He brightened your life? Every life on earth receives sustenance from the sun. Have you received His Light into your life? Has He lighted up your life? This season must not pass you by. This period of His passion must not escape you. Call upon Him today and let the Sun of Righteousness shine on you and give you the Life of God.

When Jesus was being crucified, the sun withdrew and darkness came on the earth. The Bible records this. It is also a fact recorded in the History of Rome. (See the book: Decline and Fall of Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon, acclaimed the greatest historian of all times)

Why did the sun withdraw? It is because the Sun was dying and the sun cannot witness the death of its Creator.


“I am the light of the world…” (John.8:12). “In Him was Life and the life was the light of men” (John 1:3).

Jesus is Light. He is Life. He upholds all life forms. Without Him nothing can live. Even His enemies live by His mercies. That Life is the light of men. He is Life and Light. What is light?

  • Light is progress.
  • Light is movement.
  • Light is development.
  • Light is a revealer that shows what is hidden.
  • Light is also heat and power, in its conversion process.
  • Light is also growth. Your plants need sunlight to grow or they will soon die.

When the scriptures say that in Jesus is Life and the life is the Light of men, it is saying that even progress on this earth is connected with Jesus. I can prove this historically and experientially. Lapin’s book, America’s Real War confirms that more than 90% of scientific discoveries have been made in nations where Christianity is the shaping influence, where also the Life of Jesus has permeated. The fact that those nations have now derailed does not change this fact.

The nations of the West never awakened in sciences until the Gospel of Jesus found its way into their midst. Even in Nigeria, the most enlightened, developed and most educated parts of the country today, are those places where the Gospel of Christ, and by implication, the Life of Jesus first penetrated.

When John Bunyan wrote his masterpiece of literature – an allegory, Pilgrims Progress, the British society was stunned. Up to that time it was believed that you must pass through Oxford or Cambridge to write a great book. But here was a poor preacher, a prison product who learned only the Bible and the Holy Spirit as his teacher writing a masterpiece classic of literature. When the Life of Christ enters someone, it transforms and changes everything for better – intellectual capacity, psychological formation, thinking power, mental horizon, among others. I am always shocked when so-called Christians think so poorly. How can the Wisdom of God live in you and you act and think so foolishly? Then you are yet to know Him or you have not yet truly allowed Him into your life.

Jesus is Life and that Life is progress. If you are not excelling in your career, it is either He has not called you into that career or you are yet to enter into a relationship with Him. Jesus is not a mediocre. He is the Brightest of the best; and the Best. And wisdom is justified by Her children. If you are truly His own, we should see wisdom in what you do. The day I told a professor in the University of Ibadan in Nigeria, that I never read History or Religious studies, he was visibly shocked. He was astounded, because I had read virtually all the books he mentioned in the conversation we had. I have never sat for one hour in a Literature class. I never even attended a proper Secondary school. I was largely self-educated and took GCE as a private candidate.

The Life of Jesus will truly teach you, illuminate your understanding and brighten your thinking process when it enters you. This is the best way to prosperity. By the grace of God, today I have published in learned journals, one of my papers today is been used to teach Postgraduate students in Orature, a branch of Literature in the University of South Africa. Yet I never read Literature or have a degree in it. Only self-study of good books, mental exertions, hard work and the Life of God through the Holy Spirit.

The Quakers, the Society of Friends found this secret and they changed the course of history. Every time you drink Bournvita or hear of Cadbury, you are paying homage to Quakers. Cadbury is the name of a believer in Christ not an industry, one who allowed the Life of God to enter and change him. There were several others that space would not allow me to mention. Germany is the first nation in Europe to have the Bible in her mother tongue outside the papacy, if we exclude the Bohemians. Germany was also the first place where the press was invented, where the first motorcycle by Gottlieb Daimler and the first automobile by Carl Benz were invented. Indeed as the Bible says, “In Him was Life and the Life was the light of men”.

The answer to Nigerian problems is not going back to heathen religion that could not stop our fathers from slavery. It is not Islam in its various traditions. (Some of the poorest nations on earth are Muslim nations. The first ten poorest nations today are Muslim nations. Check Pew research. The poorest States in Nigeria today are Sharia States. This is not intolerance, it is a statement of fact.)

The answer to Nigerian problems is also not counterfeit Christianity, as is so common today in Nigerian churches. It is apostolic Christianity, Christianity with the Life of God through Christ. A religion pulsating with the Life of God through Jesus Christ. This is the root of America’s progress and advancement before the spirit of Antichrist now derailed it. It is also the secret of the British empire, how a small island nation ruled the whole world until it also derailed.


“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father but by me”. (John 14:6)

Jesus made that claim. Anyone who could declare such must certainly know what He is saying. I do not know of any religion or any other person who has boldly and clearly made such claim(s).

Jesus is the way to the Life of God. He is the Tree of Life that man missed in the Eden of old. What did Adam lose in the Garden? It was the Life of God. With that Life, man cannot die or be sick. With that Life, the whole creation obeyed him and submits to him in total unparalleled obedience. The lion and all creation obeyed him implicitly. Because in Adam they recognised the authority of God.

But when the thief came, he stole that authority and glory and man became a slave. The very first thing God barricaded man from after the Fall was the way to the Tree of Life. Man would wait for another 4000 years for the Tree to appear. Jesus is the Tree of Life, and outside Him there is no Life, only death both now and in eternity. Going to Hell is not a case of doing good or evil, it is based on whether you have the Life of God or not. No one will have access to that Pinnacle of Glory who is devoid of the Life of God. That is the DNA of heaven, and woe betides you if you die without it. Nigerians believe so much in religion, but in the final analysis, the type of religion that is so common in Nigeria – may not help anyone. So then, Christians in Nigeria, and in the whole world, must go back to the Ancient Paths, wherein our fathers worked in. We must seek and serve the Lord earnestly in Spirit and in Truth and shun dead and vain religion.

A religion that allows you to take a dagger and kill your fellow man, that allows you to kill the husband and rape the wife and thereafter pray and shout Allah Akbar; a religion that allows pastor to sire ladies in his church for children which he handed to his wife as children and the wife too having babies from different men in the same church as we currently witnessed in an Abuja pastor and wife – such religion will not take you anywhere except Hell fire at the end.

To have His Life, His DNA, you must be born of Him, you must be born again. The animal propensity, the high animal spirits that propel you to do evil must be destroyed by the power of the Cross. It is called “Circumcision of the heart”, then you receive His Spirit in measure and you become a child of God.

What some pastors confessed to doing shows that they have not even been saved; and they are not even circumcised in the heart because their hearts still harbour so much evil. ” If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, old things are passed away all things become new ” 2Cor.5:17.

Today, many people who claim to be Christians are still crooked, false, deceitful and evil in so many ways. So then where is the difference between a child of God and a child of the devil? Such Christians are only deceiving themselves and are headed for hell if they do not repent genuinely.

Do you have this Life of God in Christ? If your answer is No, then it is the time to cry to God for help in Christ Jesus. I remember this testimony that occurred in 1981 or 1982. It shows what Christianity used to be in this land. We came to Anthony Village from Kwara State to participate in the Annual Camp meeting of The Apostolic Faith, one of the few churches I still respect till tomorrow. This fellow too came for the meeting. After the night session, he was convicted by the Holy Spirit. He asked himself: ” Will I come again this year to eat their cows, and amala and return home the same person?” After the night meeting he stayed behind in the large auditorium and began to cry to heaven to have a real salvation experience. He was there for hours, praying and agonising to Heaven to experience this New Birth experience. He would not let go.

Finally, Heaven gave him what he desired. By the next morning he was a new man. We all knew what we got and we can remember the tears, the pain and the crying. We got what we desired – New Creation in Christ. Even our enemies testified that a change had occurred. They hated us, ostracised us but they could not deny that we had touched Heaven, something that is not of this world had entered into us. And our detractors cannot deny it. “… for that indeed a notable miracle has occurred is evident and we cannot deny it”. Acts.4:16

Today there are no more tears in Christianity. What for? Only cheers. Instead of fiery salvation preachers of the 1980’s, we now have comedians, jesters, clowns and magicians and 419 pastors promising miracles and healings that they cannot deliver or midwife. (Can anyone tell me any difference between the common run of Christians today and Muslims? Perhaps it could be even said that the Muslims take their religion much more seriously and are more committed to it than this generation of Christians.)

This is why pastors must quit, and go and seek the face of God earnestly and fervently. I recommend a book to you “Pastor, Please Quit”. A house of prayer for all nations has become the house of mirth and merriment. What Moses said to Joshua on the Mount is now true of Nigerian Christianity: “…The voice of them that sing do I hear” Ex. 32:18. Because a new religion of the ‘Golden Calf’ has now been enthroned. ‘And they wist not that they were naked, barren and the Glory of God has departed from them’.

Tears is not a sign of weakness, it is an evident that the Holy Spirit is working on that soul, and has access to that life. Even the ABUJA pastor who fathered children from other women (in the Federal Capital of Nigeria) did not cry when he was “confessing”, he did not feel that he has injured anybody including the ones who believed in him and built the Tabernacle for him.

For years, I have been warning Christians that another spirit has entered into modern Christianity, and Nigerian Christianity. Perhaps no one is taking note. How many Christians today can discern the times and seasons? How many can think correctly? No one’s blood will be required from my hands because I have paid my dues as a watchman.

Do you desire the Life of God? It can be yours right here and now. He said whosoever comes to Him He would not cast away. So go to Him now and cry for this Life. You don’t need a pastor or church. He is with you as you read this. There was no church or pastor with me in 1981 when I made the monumental decision. Only a piece of Tract which I cannot even remember the author’s name. And on a street, early in the morning just two houses to the same house where I was born physically. There was no pastor, church, music or pleas and I thank God today that they were not there so I could pursue God independently as I have done these 38 years. I leave you to decipher the verdict for yourself as a Christian, whether your Salvation is genuine or counterfeit.

Moses Oludele Idowu is an author and writer, an apostle by calling. He is the Convener of Apostolic Christianity Network.

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