My dear pastor, it is with great joy that I write this to you. I want to sincerely appreciate your efforts in the Vineyard of the One that you have never set your naked eyes on before, yet, you kept serving unreservedly. People have done well to work faithfully for employers that they can see but it takes a greater dimension of loyalty and faithfulness to be faithful to an employer you have never seen physically before.

I want to appreciate you for abandoning yourself, your aspirations, your leisure, your personal ambitions to follow a Master whose will must be obeyed to the letter. I salute your courage. This is a Master that will sometimes scold you, chastise you, bring you low, bring you up, break and mould you, yet you kept following, I salute your consistence.

Dear pastor, I understand that sometimes you want to give up because of the weight of this work, you also have your family to attend to, you have your life to live but these counselees keep flocking your office bringing loads of their lives’ challenges not caring and minding what you too go through in your closet. Yet, you do not give up, you keep at it, pleasing and doing the will of the One that sent you. People like this are rare especially in these times.

Dear Man of God, I also understand that you work in the midst of a mixed multitude. Some loyal, some disloyal. Some whom you have helped still go on social media to pass on malicious and false statements about you. Some of your followers can even be rightly described as wolves in sheep’s clothing; yet you continue to serve the Lord in Spirit and in Truth.

You burn the midnight candle everyday preparing sermons to make sure that your congregation have and enjoy fresh manna from heaven. You fast, not just for yourself but also for others. You keep countless vigils to put the devil where he belongs over the lives of the flock committed into your hands. You are sincerely appreciated.

I am fully persuaded that heaven sees your efforts, God will surely reward your labour of love in His Vineyard..

I hereby express my heartfelt appreciation to you and earnestly pray that you will not labour in vain. May the Good Lord will reward and replenish you richly in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

Yours in His Vineyard,
Sis. F.

Sister Funmi Akinbohun is a school teacher at a private school based in Abuja.

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